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An Invitation to a J-Say 15.1 Webinar!

Hartgen Consultancy would like to extend a warm and welcome invitation to our J-Say 15.1 special event! This is a Webinar to be hosted in one of our virtual conference rooms on June 7 at 7 PM in the UK which is 2 PM Eastern Standard Time in the United States of America.

The purpose of the Webinar is to reveal the latest exciting features and improvements within J-Say 15.1 to be released in June of 2017. The Webinar is open to anyone who is interested in the technology. You do not need to be a J-Say user.

In addition to providing some new features, J-Say 15.1 changes some of the central concepts of the program which people have been using for many years. We felt this was the best way of demonstrating the new improvements, particularly to existing users and Trainers, as there may well be questions as a result of the demonstrations. This is your chance to talk to us about the new improvements. J-Say 15.1 will be freely available to version 15 users, of which there are many, so coming along to the Webinar could be important to you.

We also extend an open invitation to any of our product distributors who may care to join us, and if you're a potential J-Say user, it's a good opportunity to perhaps meet some of those too.

We will also be letting people know about a new product which will soon be entering the voice input/output marketplace

The J-Say Event will be hosted by Brian Hartgen, who during the past 14 years has worked extensively with people who need to control the computer with voice recognition technology while receiving speech feedback from the JAWS for Windows screen-reader.

The Webinar will be recorded and made available for download, however this is your first opportunity of learning how J-Say is changing and you can ask questions during the event.

We look forward very much to seeing you on 7 June if you would like to join us! Also look out for our Leasey event in July.

How to Access the Conference.

The J-Say Event will be held in one of our Talking Communities rooms. If you have not used Talking Communities before, there is a small conference PlugIn you need to install. A link to it is clearly displayed on the conference page. There is a small program which, when run, will install the conferencing software on the computer.

The conference page is Located here.

When the PlugIn is installed, simply enter the conference room using the link provided.
It is the first link on the conference page which is entitled, "Enter the Conference Room".

You are asked for your name. Please type or dictate your real name here so we know who you are.
Then press Enter or say "Confirm That".

After a short pause, you will be connected, and you should see yourself in the tree view of participants. You may need to tab once to the Tree View as the text chat entry field may be in focus. You can also press F7 to reach it directly. Pressing F7 is the preferred method. You can say, "Press F7".
If you need assistance with any aspect of this, please let us know.

The room is not open as yet, but the PlugIn can be downloaded and installed any time prior to the Webinar.
The room will be opened 30 minutes prior to the Webinar.

You do not need to say anything during the Webinar if you do not wish to. You can just sit back and listen.