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Come and Join Us at NCBI's Virtual Technology Club!

Are you going across to Ireland,
Will you take me in your car,
And I'm sure you'll find my conversation sound.

That's how the song runs, and Ireland is the focus of the Virtual Technology Club from the National Council for the Blind of Ireland, this week held Thursday 20 July at 7 PM in the UK and Ireland.

Anyone is welcome to join in the Virtual Technology Club. Team Talk is used for the presentations and you can check how to use it here.

Brian from Hartgen Consultancy will be part of the event this time, primarily to talk about our Leasey product. You'll hear:

  • An overview of Leasey, and how it helps the computer beginner through to the advanced user.
  • About some of the features in Leasey Advanced, particularly version 3.3, which will soon be released. Hear about our fabulous new iTunes Search, Weather App, get the latest news, and more.
  • Demonstrations of some features which people do not know about as yet.

This event will be the official launch-pad for Leasey version 3.3. Brian will also talk about the product sale which is still ongoing, and of course answer any questions about Leasey, or the other Hartgen Consultancy products.

It should be a fun evening! You bring the drinks, Brian will provide lots of chat, and between us all, the craic is guaranteed to be 90!

Excellent Screen-Reading Offers for People in the UK!

Hi to All

Sight and Sound Technology have some truly fantastic offers relating to products from VFO that we should draw your attention to.

In particular, a brand new JAWS Home user option costs just £115, a massive saving. Upgrades are also competitively priced as are Software Maintenance Agreements.

This means for the time of the sale, if you do not have JAWS already, you could obtain a brand new copy of JAWS 18, and Leasey Total Package for £190. Alternatively, get JAWS 18 and Leasey Advanced for £165. In that way, not only would you get a superb screen-reader, but also access to all of Leasey's functions for computer beginners, or to improve your productivity. We're currently working through many of these tools in our LeaseyBites series of audio and text tutorials.

If you take advantage of these offers, you might like to think about these training courses.

Over Easy, the Switch from Window-Eyes to JAWS. Despite its name, this is an ideal course for new users to JAWS.

Catching Up with JAWS, focuses on features you may not be familiar with, which were implemented within the screen-reader during the past few years.
Our Training Area has a number of other courses available, most of which are on sale at the moment.

Do bare in mind that these offers are only in place for a couple of weeks, so don't miss out!

News About the new Version of Leasey and a Product sale!

Hi Everyone.

The summer convention season is here once again, and so it's time for our summmer sale. A number of our products are now available at a discount, so please check out the offers below!

Before we get to that, a few news items.

What's New in Leasey!

If you've not checked out our Leasey program yet, now would be a very good time. Each day during July, we're posting a short audio tutorial on how to use a particular Leasey feature. If you're not a Leasey user as yet, you may well become interested if you listen to the tutorials. If you are, we very much hope they help you to use the product. A text transcript of each item will also be available. We call these tutorials LeaseyBites. Check out the LeaseyBites here.

Version 3.3 of Leasey is on the horizon and will be released later this month. It contains some of our best ever features. We hope to launch it at the National council for the Blind of Ireland's Virtual Technology Club.

New features will include:

  • Enhancements to LeaseySearch. Use our new highly configurable weather app to search for a weather report anywhere in the world. Search by postal code, zip code, town or city name. The text is cleanly presented to contain the local time, current temperature, the current weather condition, a forecast for later in the day, the minimum and maximum temperatures for the day, sun and moonrise information, to name but a few elements. A seven day forecast is available and it's extremely fast to respond to queries. In most cases, you can choose the output you require. for example, if you just want the temperatures in Farenheight, that is possible. If you do not wish to read details of the rising of the sun and the moon, that's OK too.
  • Search and preview items in the iTunes store without iTunes being installed on the computer. If it is, there's an easy way to buy items too. You can also get new music, movie, TV show and audio book releases and choose whether you wish to see explicit or non-explicit content. This is country specific.
  • LeaseyNews lets you Read the news compiled from news sources from around the world, including current affairs, sport and entertainment. Choose from over 30 sources.
  • Search for TV shows and movies which can be legally streamed from a variety of sources including Netflix, Sky, iTunes and more. This is country specific.
  • Search the UK and American music charts. Find out how a song performed in the UK and US, or obtain a chart for a specific week from 1940 to the present.
  • Use the Oxford Dictionary to check word spellings and their meanings.
  • Get a list of items you've recently searched for. This is specific to the area of LeaseySearch being used. For example, if you want to view all the towns for which you've obtained a weather report, you can do that. If you want to find a list of the most recent book authors you've searched for using the Goodreads element of LeaseySearch, you can do that too.

Other features include:

  • Scripting of a spell checker which can be used in all applications.
  • Create a note from within any application and quickly file it in a category of your choosing. When you're ready, view all the notes in a category.
  • Create custom notes containing useful hints and tips relative to specific websites. If you haven't created any yourself, Leasey checks to see if we have any tips for you at Hartgen Consultancy. If JAWS Custom Labels have been produced for a site, they are downloaded and available right away, making web browsing easier.
  • Get a list of the 25 recently viewed documents in Microsoft word.
  • Again in Microsoft Word, go to a page in a document and then press a keystroke to move back to your previous location.
  • In Microsoft Outlook, press a keystroke to add the Email address from a message you've received to your Contacts.
  • If you're a Trainer, use our Remind Me tool to create custom notes for your client. Useful if a person is struggling working with JAWS in conjunction with an application.
  • Use Leasey alongside other JAWS script packages if you wish. For example, while Leasey contains good support for Skype, you may wish to use another script package for that application. Leasey 3.3 also now works alongside the StationPlaylist Studio scripts for JAWS.

All these features and others are demonstrated in LeaseyBites, mentioned above.

Product Sale Items.

In the sale, Leasey is available at a discount as well as some of our training courses.

Important Notes on Product Sale.

  1. The following products only are on sale until 24 July 2017.
  2. The sale prices only apply if the products are purchased direct from Hartgen Consultancy.
  3. When visiting the pages for the above products, the regular prices are quoted. The discount is automatically applied if you activate the link to purchase the product online.
  4. While you are visiting our site, do check out our Training Area. You will not only find details of our Training Courses, but you can also learn about our service to visit you at your home, place of study or employment, to train you with JAWS and the application you need to access. Similarly, our JAWS Scripting Service is also available.

Other News.

Check out these other great training courses.

Remember too that in addition to our Twitter account, Hartgen Consultancy has a presence on Facebook. Please Like our page!

To all those heading to conventions and exhibitions this year, have a wonderful trip!

What Is a LeaseyBite?

Many people know that Leasey is a computer program working with JAWS for Windows which is ideal for the computer beginner. However, you may not know that there are lots of tools, utilities and services which are very beneficial to the intermediate or advanced JAWS user too.

Many of these features have been suggested by existing JAWS users. We often get comments like, "I wish JAWS could do X, Y or Z". Where possible, we make it happen.

We don't want to keep all these fantastic functions a secret. So, during July, we're going to tell you about the amazing things Leasey can do. We'll do this within short concise audio tutorials we call LeaseyBites. There will be a LeaseyBite for each day of July, so 31 in total.

There will be at least one LeaseyBite to highlight how a person who has never used a computer before can benefit from Leasey, together with lots of demonstrations of existing features. And if that's not enough, our new Leasey update for July contains many new features and improvements, and descriptions of those will be included in LeaseyBites as well.

Don't have Leasey yet? We hope the features we show you in LeaseyBites may encourage you to jump into the Leasey pool and benefit from the wonderful things Leasey can do for you. We want you to get bitten.

Hungry to know more? Keep checking our social media outlets or the Leasey email list for details of each new LeaseyBite!

about-Face, JAWS for Windows and Facebook for Beginners

"It's too difficult to use". "It's not accessible". "All my family use it and I cannot join in". "I'm trying to access part of it on my phone and it's not working as I expect it to." Those are just some of the sentiments a lot of people express about Facebook. But it shouldn't be like that should it when we as blind people are always striving for inclusion?

The good news is that we are able to access most aspects of Facebook very well when using the JAWS for Windows screen-reader and a web browser. Our new training course for July, "about-Face, JAWS for Windows and Facebook for Beginners", will show you not only how to work with Facebook, but also gives lots of information about how you can customise JAWS so as to gain the best experience possible.

Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking sites of all time. The site can be accessed from many devices containing a web browser and which is connected to the Internet. It should be about having fun, getting information, sharing content or perhaps using it to promote a service. The course will show you how to do all of these things on a daily basis without thinking too much about the accessibility!

How JAWS Interacts with Facebook.

Ordinarily, JAWS interacts well with both the Facebook Mobile and Facebook Desktop sites. While undoubtedly users of our Leasey product will gain a far better experience when using Facebook, if you do not have this product there is still a lot you can do to customise JAWS to provide a better experience, and to use some of the tools to improve your ability to navigate Facebook so as to gain more from it. While the course will describe the Leasey keystrokes and the experience you will receive when using it, the assumption is that you do not have it installed so as to appeal to the widest possible audience. You will also find that some of the techniques learned in this course when using JAWS will benefit you when working with many internet sites.

What Will I Learn?

The course is divided into three sessions, each of an hour's duration. The topics will include:

  • Customising JAWS to be more effective when using Facebook.
  • Facebook Mobile versus Facebook Desktop.
  • Creating a Facebook account.
  • Editing your Facebook profile.
  • Security and Privacy.
  • Searching for friends and pages of interest.
  • Sorting the News Feed.
  • Reviewing the News Feed.
  • Liking or reacting to a Facebook post.
  • Commenting on Facebook posts.
  • Creating a Facebook post.
  • Editing a Facebook post.
  • Attaching images to Facebook posts.
  • Adding alternative text to images for use with screen-readers.
  • The Facebook Notifications area.
  • Accepting Facebook Friend requests and checking them out first.
  • Viewing Facebook friends.
  • Sending private messages to friends.
  • Viewing the Facebook profile of a friend.
  • Working with Facebook groups.
  • Viewing Facebook posts on selected pages.

Note that there is scope for a more advanced training course on the management of Facebook pages which is not covered here.

Who is the Course For?

This course is suited to anyone who has always wanted to use Facebook but has been unsure how to begin, through to those who are using it already but would like to gain a better experience when using it.

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions regarding the topics under discussion, however this is achieved in a structured manner. This ensures that you can focus on learning the concepts being taught.

If I Purchase the Course, What Will I Receive?

The course will be delivered online via our accessible Zoom Confrencing platform. If you have not used this conferencing software before, you will receive instructions prior to the commencement of the course. This software allows for the delivery of the presentation, including the output from the screen-reading software. The audio is of a high quality.

You can also participate by telephone in a number of countries or there is an I O S app for Zoom.

The course will give to you:

  • Three lessons starting 19 July 2017. Each lesson will begin at 7 PM UK time, (2 PM Eastern), each Wednesday;
  • An audio recording of each lesson in MP3 format;
  • Text documentation comprising a list of keystrokes to reinforce topics covered in the lessons.
  • An email list active prior to (and during) the course so you can ask questions outside tuition time.

The proposed dates for the course sessions are as follows:

  • 19 July.
  • 26 July.
  • 2 August.

All recordings, documentation and the conference area are accessed through a secure area of our website which is only available to course participants. If you cannot make those dates, please don't worry. You can still take advantage of the Email list and the archives of the webinars, which are usually uploaded the following day after editing.


The cost of the course is £40 which is currently 52 US dollars.
The course fee can be ppaid at any time between now and 14 July 2017.

Purchase About-Face Online.

Alternatively, anyone can purchase the course by sending an Email to, whereupon a fully accessible electronic invoice will be sent to you which can be paid through PayPal or any major credit or debit card. Orders can also be placed by telephone:

  • Call us (from within the UK): 02920-850298.
  • Call us (from the United States): 415-871-0626.
  • Call us (from any other country): (+44)2920-850298.

If you would like to read the views from participants of our previous courses, please Visit our Training area.

Course Prerequisites.

It is important that you have:

  • Good keyboarding skills;
  • A computer with an internet connection or a telephone;
  • A microphone so as to ask questions within the course;
  • JAWS for Windows screen-reader;
  • Access to Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browser.


It is true that Facebook is not as intuitive to use as Twitter, principally because of Desktop programs which have been designed for the purpose of working with tweets which do not require interaction with a web site. However, the Facebook community is huge. If you would like to be part of it, then getting some useful skills to work with Facebook could be just what you need. Jump into the pool, the water's fine!

Over Easy: The Switch from window-Eyes to JAWS!


It's no secret that sales of the Window-Eyes screen-reader have ended. The owning company VFO are offering JAWS for Windows as a replacement for Window-Eyes users. But how do you get started with JAWS? How easy is it to transition from one screen-reader to another? How do you accomplish some of the most basic tasks you would want to do with your screen-reader?

All these questions and more are answered in our training course, Over Easy: The Switch from window-Eyes to JAWS.

During the session, lasting approximately 105 minutes, Brian Hartgen will show you the basics of how to use JAWS for windows and give you plenty of useful tips and tricks along the way.

Brian Hartgen has been using JAWS for over 20 years. He is also a beta tester for JAWS, MAGic and ZoomText Fusion, has completed the advanced JAWS scripting course at VFO's Headquarters in florida and has completed JAWS certification in 2017. So not only is his knowledge of JAWS as current as it can be, but he came to the JAWS screen-reader from a Window-Eyes background.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to use the JAWS Startup Wizard.
  • Adjusting the rate of speech and typing echo.
  • Getting help.
  • Keystrokes to get information quickly.
  • Reading documents.
  • Useful JAWS features in Microsoft word.
  • The basics of browsing the internet.
  • How to get more help.
  • The JAWS Settings Centre.
  • The JAWS Dictionary Manager.
  • Using the JAWS Cursor.


The Over Easy: The Switch from window-Eyes to JAWS course is priced £30 which is currently $38.
Purchase Over Easy: The Switch from window-Eyes to JAWS Online.

Alternatively, anyone can purchase the course by sending an Email to, whereupon a fully accessible electronic invoice will be sent to you which can be paid through PayPal or any major credit or debit card. Orders can also be placed by telephone:

  • Call us (from within the UK): 02920-850298.
  • Call us (from the United States): 415-871-0626.
  • Call us (from any other country): (+44)2920-850298.

If you would like to read the views from participants of our previous courses, please Visit our Training area.


For some people, it can be hard to move from one screen-reader to another, particularly if you've been using Window-Eyes for very many years. But here is a chance to get your skills to a point where you can work with JAWS effectively, and use that knowledge to learn more as you go. Join us to find out what JAWS can do for you!

ZoomText Fusion and Hartgen Consultancy Products: a Powerful Combination.

If you missed the news announced on VFO's FSCast Podcast yesterday, a new product comes to the accessibility market soon called zoomText Fusion.

Originally conceived to provide access to the Window-Eyes screen-reader with the ZoomText screen-magnifier, ZoomText Fusion has now been reborn to provide low vision users the ability to use JAWS for Windows and ZoomText. It is a powerful keyboard-driven magnification product to include an enhanced level of speech within a screen magnification environment.

ZoomText Fusion is ideally suited to organisations and establishments where there may be a varied user need, or indeed individuals whose vision fluctuates during the day and may well require additional sophisticated screen-reading to complement their use of the display with the computer mouse.

Although ZoomText Fusion is not released as of the time of this writing, we can already say that all of our products, without exception, are working with it. To be clear, that is StationPlaylist Studio, J-Dictate, Leasey and J-Say. So when browsing our website and looking at our product range, you can be confident that if you plan to use ZoomText Fusion, you can do so when you buy a package from us.

In terms of J-Say, towards the summer we do intend to add a range of voice commands so as to control the features of ZoomText which potentially you would want to change by speaking to the computer. These might be to change magnification levels, to control mouse pointer or colour settings, to name but a few examples. When creating this level of access, we will be sure not only to make it possible to control the requested feature but we will also give audio cues as to the status of the changed function. This will not only assist users but particularly blind trainers who are assisting people with low vision. That's an essential component so the blind trainer has confidence in delivering his or her classes or home tuition.

Our Leasey product will, in time, receive an update to provide low vision users with additional functionality.

In order for our products to work with ZoomText Fusion, users will need a new license. If you are purchasing a product from us for the first time, you can let us know whether it is for ZoomText Fusion or JAWS. If you are upgrading from JAWS to ZoomText Fusion, and you already own one of our products, the license can be transferred for an extremely nominal charge. Please talk to us if this applies to you.

In summary, there's nothing stopping any ZoomText Fusion user right now using our products, and in the coming months, they will be enhanced further to make the user experience even easier.

Remember too that our Training Area contains low cost training courses which may well assist a new user of Fusion getting up to speed with some of the keyboard commands for applications and many of the features specific to JAWS. This would be useful if a low vision user has not worked with JAWS previously.

We're very excited about bringing our product range to low vision users. We've wanted to do this for a long time as we have been asked for it on many occasions. ZoomText Fusion gives us this opportunity and on behalf of future customers, we would like to thank the team at VFO for making it possible.


There are no events at present.

Forging Ahead with Sound Forge Pro and JAWS for Windows!


At the moment, we seem to be one of the "go to" places for courses on audio production with screen-reading software, so we're very pleased to be able to bring you some training in the use of Sound Forge Professional!

SOUND FORGE Pro is the application of choice for a generation of creative and prolific artists, producers, and editors. It is used extensively within many professional organisations responsible for creating high quality audio through to recording enthusiasts working at home.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink.

There are many advantages to using Sound Forge. These include:

  • Being able to undertake extremely precise audio editing.
  • Keystrokes for playback and selection are logical and similar to those used within word processing applications so the learning curve is made much easier.
  • Comes complete with many effects and tools to give your audio projects a high quality pristine sound. These include tools for restoring vinyl records and noise reduction.
  • Additional audio effects can be used to simulate room ambiences, such as large halls and churches.
  • Tools exist to improve the overall sound of audio, such as to limit audio clipping and to raise sound to specific levels. Moreover, you can also give your master that extra punch if that's what you're looking for.

In summary, If there were a lifetime achievement award for audio editing software, Sound Forge would be the favored candidate. The good news is that as blind people we can access the majority of its features too! We'll show you how to use Sound Forge to its best effect within our new training course.

Sound Forge, the Master.

There are plenty of audio production tools around. Indeed as we established in our training course for GoldWave, we were not only able to undertake some fairly precise editing but also mixed songs together ensuring the beat was constant. However, we did have to undertake some JAWS scripting work to ensure essential components of GoldWave could be accessed, (such as reading level metres), and to construct a logical keyboard interface. In addition to the range of PlugIns offered as part of the package, we would suggest that Sound Forge is the tool you need if you are serious about the end result of your audio. It is crowded with features to add the professional touch to your content, and certainly if you work in broadcasting or in a high end audio environment, this is the software to work with. What is particularly impressive is the ability to undertake very tight editing even in circumstances where you do not think you will be able to do so.

Even if you are using a Digital audio Workstation such as Reaper, it is quite probable that you will want to use software such as Sound Forge, either to do some initial work on the files you wish to import onto tracks or perhaps for some post-production at a later time. It is often helpful to learn about a number of audio editors, particularly if creating it is your core business or you use it frequently.

Access All Areas.

Sound Forge contains many keyboard shortcuts so you can access the key areas of the application, so theoretically it can be used with no special adaptation. But what makes the program the leader of the pack is the set of JAWS scripts created by Jim Snowbarger, a long-time Sound Forge user and an ardent audio enthusiast.

Not only do the scripts provide blind users with functionality above and beyond that which the program offers, but they deliver pertinent information available on screen which is immediately visually accessed by a sighted person. If you really care about the quality of your audio, these scripts are essential.

What Will I Learn?

The course is divided into four lessons, each of which lasts approximately 90 minutes. Topics covered include:

  • Optimising Sound Forge for use with JAWS.
  • Installing the JAWS script files.
  • Customising Sound Forge for audio recording and playback.
  • Making recordings.
  • The importance of level metres and how to check them.
  • Saving files.
  • Opening files.
  • Playing, and navigating through, the audio.
  • The differences between Absolute Mode, Relative Mode and Blip Mode.
  • Selecting Audio. This will be an extensive section as there are not only many ways in which to select audio depending upon the situation, but there are useful techniques to explore when doing so.
  • Playing the Selection.
  • Pre-Role to Cursor.
  • Audition cut.
  • Cut, Copy and Delete.
  • The "Go To" dialog.
  • Working with Markers.
  • Working with multiple files.
  • Changing volume levels and normalising.
  • Mixing speech with music, creating an introduction to a Podcast.
  • Fading.
  • Blending songs, creating a promotional item for radio.
  • Inserting silence.
  • Pitch change.
  • Graphic equalisation.
  • Reverb.
  • Mirror Impulses.
  • Wave Hammer.
  • Noise reduction and vinyl restoration.
  • Using external plugins.
  • Batch converter.

Who is the Course For?

This course is suited to anyone who has an interest in creating or working with audio content. You should be familiar with how your screen-reader functions together with Windows concepts, such as how to navigate around applications.
Even if you are a long-time Sound Forge devotee, you are likely to pick up some useful tips and tricks!

The JAWS scripts for Sound Forge can be purchased from this website. The cost is 30 US dollars.

If I Purchase the Course, What Will I Receive?

The course will give to you:

  • An audio recording of each lesson in MP3 format;
  • Sample files which you can use in your Projects and to work with at a later date.
  • A text keystroke summary and setup requirements.


The cost of the course is £60 which is currently 72 US dollars.
This is a slight increase from our usual rate due to the production of sample files which are required.

Purchase Forging Ahead with Sound Forge Online.

Alternatively, anyone who would like to purchase the course should register their interest by sending an Email to, whereupon a fully accessible electronic invoice will be sent to you which can be paid through PayPal or any major credit or debit card. Orders can also be placed by telephone:

  • Call us (from within the UK): 02920-850298.
  • Call us (from the United States): 415-871-0626.
  • Call us (from any other country): (+44)2920-850298.

If you would like to read the views from participants of our previous courses, please Visit our Training area.


With a range of top-notch effects, easy-to-use keystrokes and giving you the ability to push the envelope that little bit further, Sound Forge could be for you and our training course will help you gain the most from it. Create that state of the art audio project today!

The StationPlaylist Workshop!

A Training Course for Users of JAWS for Windows and StationPlaylist.


For many years, the StationPlaylist software has been the tool of choice through which blind people broadcast their radio shows or even run their own stations. We know this because there are hundreds of StationPlaylist users on our customer database. If you use the software, are you getting the most from it or do you just work with the features you need?

The "Broadcast It" audio tutorial produced some time ago teaches a new user how to work with many aspects of StationPlaylist Studio (for broadcasting audio), StationPlaylist Creator (for managing schedules), and StationPlaylist Streamer (for sending output over the internet if external devices are being used). However, during the past year or two, the developers of this amazing product suite have created new features not described in the tutorial. This training course is for people who are using any one of the StationPlaylist products who want to improve the quality of their radio output and station management.

Hartgen Consultancy are ideally placed to run this training course. The JAWS scripts we have created and sell, in our view, provide unparalelled access to many features of the StationPlaylist products. We both sell and support the entire SPL product range. Finally, our internet radio station, Team-FM, is hosted exclusively using StationPlaylist tools and we take advantage of the vast majority of the features on offer in that regard.

What Will I Learn?

The course is divided into four sessions, each of which lasts approximately 60 minutes. Topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Changes to the Options Dialog.
  • Customising V5.2 settings for optimum use.
  • Creating Song Hooks for upcoming promotion, both manually and automatically.
  • Voice-Tracking: Remote versus local, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Using remote voice tracking to good effect.
  • Voice-tracking shows to be played on a local PC, including use of the SPL Recorder.
  • Replay Gain.
  • Customising Metadata to include what's coming next.
  • Preparing Cue Sheets and what they are.
  • Working with Break Notes.
  • Separation Rules.
  • Schedule Restrictions.

Who is the Course For?

This course is suited to anyone who is familiar with many of the functions of StationPlaylist Studio and Creator if appropriate and who would like to build on existing skills. You should be familiar with how your screen-reader functions together with Windows concepts, such as how to navigate around applications.

If I Purchase the Course, What Will I Receive?

The course will give to you:

  • An audio recording of each lesson in MP3 format.
  • Text documentation to reinforce topics covered in the lessons. This includes a comprehensive list of keystrokes so as to achieve all tasks and Crossfading setup requirements.


The cost of the course is £50 which is currently $61.
Purchase The StationPlaylist Workshop Online.

Alternatively, anyone who wishes to purchase the course can send an Email to, whereupon a fully accessible electronic invoice will be sent to you which can be paid through PayPal or any major credit or debit card. Orders can also be placed by telephone:

  • Call us (from within the UK): 02920-850298.
  • Call us (from the United States): 415-871-0626.
  • Call us (from any other country): (+44)2920-850298.

If you would like to read the views from participants of our previous courses, please Visit our Training area.


The StationPlaylist suite of products is the most accessible means of broadcasting to a very high standard. Get yourself into the studio and bring your radio shows and station to the next level!


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