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J-Say 15.0 Upgrade!


We are very proud to bring you the anticipated release of J-Say version 15.0.

J-Say 15.0 is a product combining the excellence in voice recognition available within Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, and high quality screen-reading from JAWS for Windows. Now with an extensive library of over 2,500 voice commands, J-Say adds a vast array of tools and utilities to ensure that voice recognition for blind people is highly effective. In summary, J-Say is not just “a bridge” between Dragon NaturallySpeaking and JAWS. With very few exceptions, all the features have been designed at the request of hundreds of product users around the world.

Historically, we have released a new version of J-Say at the start of each year. However, we have received more enquiries than ever before from people who would like to use JAWS for Windows version 18, and so every effort has been made to ensure we are weeks ahead of schedule.

This document contains a list of the new features and improvements within J-Say 15.0.

We strongly recommend that you consult the many sections of the updated “Learning Module” in order to discover how to use the new and existing features of J-Say. There have been a number of revisions even to sections of it with which you may have previously been familiar.

You will have been provided with the “Learning Module” documentation in Microsoft Word format. However, you can also access it through the “J-Say Configuration wizard”, or by speaking the command
“Get Help”.

It can also be found on the Windows “Start Menu”, under “All Programs”, “J-Say”, “Learning Module”.

Enhancements for Audio Transcription.

Audio transcription is a process where a user can dictate text into a portable recorder, copy the file to a computer, and request that Dragon transcribes this as text.

Support still exists to undertake this in an accessible way using earlier releases of Dragon. However this time, our focus has been on Dragon Professional Individual 15. This version not only delivers a tremendous improvement in accuracy, but it does a good job at transcribing text spoken by someone else whose voice is not trained on the computer. So if you have study notes for example dictated by someone other than yourself, theoretically they could be transcribed as text.

J-Say 15 provides guidance when the user is undertaking audio transcription. In addition to ensuring the process is more accessible, audio cues are given as the transcription process begins, while it is ongoing, and when it has concluded. This ensures you are fully aware of what is taking place.

Audio Ducking Support.

JAWS version 18 contains a new feature which allows the volume of other programs to be lowered while the screen-reader is speaking. The volume then rises again. This feature is useful for example if you encounter a website where audio is playing automatically, but you need to hear the content of the page spoken by JAWS.

To enable Audio Ducking, say “Audio Ducking On”, and to disable it say, “Audio Ducking Off”. This setting is permanently stored until you change it.

Braille Auto Advance.

J-Say now has the ability to control the Auto Advance mode relating to Braille display scrolling.

When Auto Advance is started, the Braille display will begin scrolling periodically so you can keep reading without having to manipulate it. This is similar to the JAWS feature allowing continuous speech reading. The amount of time which elapses between each scroll of the display is customisable.

To begin auto advance, say, “Start Auto Advance”, and to stop it say, “Stop Auto Advance”.

To change the amount of time before the display scrolls to the next line, say, “Auto Advance Faster”, and “Auto Advance Slower”.
You will hear the number of milliseconds which will elapse prior to the new line being available.

Changes to Facebook.

J-Say now uses the mobile Facebook website for its interaction. The J-Say tutorial has been updated to take account of this, giving new ways of working with this site. Additional voice commands have also been added to support it.

Other Improvements.

The keystroke, Shif+F11 to enable or disable the microphone, will now play the appropriate sounds.

A number of radio stations have been updated, and some new stations added.

The command, Confirm That, now works in the Dictation Box. This now transfers the text to the application which was in focus prior to bringing the Dictation Box into view.

The command, “Copy Address”, has been added in addition to “Copy Email Address”. This command copies the Email address from a Microsoft Outlook message to the Clipboard, however it was not always being understood by Dragon. So the “Copy Address” command has been added.

The J-Say “Formatting Wizard” has been updated to take account of functionality changes in recent JAWS versions. The “Formatting Wizard” asks a set of questions as to what kind of information you would like to hear as you navigate the text. Good examples would be, “Would you like to hear punctuation?” “Would you like to be notified if there are inconsistencies in spacing?” “Would you like to be notified of line spacing changes?” Etc.
This is incredibly useful if you cannot remember the voice commands to set all the various options for speech output.
Tip: If you answer “No” to all the questions, this returns all options to their defaults. An even faster way of doing the same thing is to say, “Formatting Off”.

To activate the “Formatting Wizard”, say, “Formatting Wizard”. You can also press the J-Say Key followed by F.

Because the JAWS 18 Migration Wizard does not work alongside J-Say, when version 15 is installed we automatically migrate all your J-Say shortcuts, text notes and contacts into the new version. Therefore, please do not uninstall JAWS 17 right away. J-Say cannot copy them if they are no longer there.

We hope you enjoy the new benefits to J-Say. In the early new year we will be working on a new feature update to the program. So if you will be using J-Say 15, and there are particular features you would like to see, now is the time to let us know.

Compatibility Considerations

J-Say 15 coexists with:

  • Microsoft Windows7,
  • Microsoft Windows8 and 8.1,
  • Microsoft Windows10,
  • Microsoft Office 2010 through to 2016 (Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016 are highly recommended);
  • JAWS for Windows versions 14 through to 18 (JAWS 18 is new in this release),
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional version 12.5, 13, 14 and 15.

Instructions for Upgrading

Please find a quick summary below concerning how to upgrade from J-Say version 14.0 to 15.0. This is assuming you are about to use the same release of JAWS as you were using with your previous version of J-Say. If you are using a different release of JAWS, such as version 18.0, you should proceed with a “fresh installation”, instructions for which are given within the “Installation Guide” accompanying your product.

Before proceeding with these steps, please check to ensure you have a valid J-Say 15.0 license.

If you have a Software Maintenance Agreement, it is very easy to obtain a copy of J-say 15. Because some SMA's have been sold by our Distributor network, it is possible that we do not have an email address for you. The Distributor from whom you purchased your SMA will in time let you know that you can download J-Say 15. However, you can fast track this by sending your JAWS serial number to, whereupon we can send you details on the day of release.
Anyone who has purchased J-Say after 1 September 2016 will also be entitled to a free upgrade. Again, simply send your JAWS serial number to and we will provide you with the relevant download information.

If none of the above applies to you, and you would like to order a new copy of J-Say or an upgrade, please contact us and we will be very pleased to work with you to ensure you have access to it.

  1. Be sure that the computer to host J-Say technology has an active
    connection to the internet.
  2. Log onto the Windows account of the person to be using J-Say. Be sure that the user’s account contains “Administrator Privileges”.
  3. Download the J-Say 15.0 program, a link for which will have been provided within an Email message following the purchase of a licence. If you have not received such an Email, please send your JAWS serial number to Be sure to choose to download the program pertaining to your version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
  4. Run the J-Say 15.0 installer program, restarting the computer when prompted.
  5. Wait for approximately one minute after Microsoft Windows has fully loaded. If an activation file is found, it will be downloaded to the computer and you will be prompted to restart JAWS. Please select the “Yes” Button to comply with this request.